Community Health Educator

Xavier Acuña

ReCAST: We Heal Together

Xavier Acuña serves as the Community Health Educator for the Center for Trauma Resilient Communities. A native of Queens, New York, Xavier has lived in the Winston-Salem community for the last nineteen years. Throughout his career, Xavier served as a Family Educator for education nonprofit Imprints Cares, as well as a local elementary school teacher for five years. In addition, his career with nonprofit agencies BoyJoy, LLC and Profound Gentlemen focused on building a safe and supportive community for boys and men of color.

His passion for teaching children stems from the desire to see an equitable educational system that enable all students to thrive. Recognizing that children cannot be what they cannot see, Xavier has dedicated his career to showing up in spaces as a man of color committed to developing meaningful and impactful relationships with everyone to better support the communities he serves.

Xavier received his undergraduate degree in Communications from Appalachian State University and is a proud Mountaineer!