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We offer services that cultivate shared knowledge, shared language, shared understanding, shared values, shared beliefs, and a shared culture.

These services include organizational and community readiness assessments, introductory workshops, keynote addresses, leadership and internal champions training, facilitation skills-building, organizational consultation, strategic development opportunities, evaluation services, and ongoing booster sessions and communities of practice.

Additional services may be offered based on the customized needs of our partners.

Building Trauma-Informed Organizations and Communities

We work with organizations individually and together as a learning community to develop and cultivate a core set of resilience building blocks. Organizations receive training, consultation and implementation support to become trauma-resilient and trauma-responsive organizations. In addition partner organizations become part of a community of practice focusing on social learning and collective impact.

Creating Trauma Resilient Organizations and Communities through CTRC includes a suite of services including:

Readiness Assessments

TRC Engagement Training

TRC Embedding Workshop

Organizational Consultation

TRC Community of Practice

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“Aside from helpful, bite-sized tools for building resiliency and community, I’m grateful to have learned the value of integrating community trauma resilience concepts into all levels of our life—personal, organizational, community, and structurally.”
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Research & Evaluation

The Center for Trauma Resilient Communities has a mission focused on developing and translating trauma-informed, equity-centered evidence-based practices for the community to address inequity, advance social justice priorities, and support the needs of many vulnerable populations.

The Center provides program evaluation support for community partners who are engaging in organizational and/or community change as part of their trauma-resilient work with the Center. Evaluation activities are based on the TRC Model building blocks of change and are grounded in community-based participatory action research (CBPAR) principles.

Evaluation services offered by the Center include the following activities:

Training Evaluation

Organizational Assessment Survey (OAS)

Implementation Process Survey

Interviews and Focus Groups

The CTRC supports organizations in administering these user-friendly evaluation tools to help staff understand the progress they are making toward becoming a trauma-resilient organization. 

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