We create healing ecosystems
grounded in science,
learned in collaboration,
and measured by outcomes.

We support individuals, organizations, and
communities as they recognize the often unspoken
long-term wounds of adversity and trauma.

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As a trusted partner specializing in trauma-informed care, we work alongside people as they discover their personal power of resilience that can lead to renewed wellness, energy, purpose, and hope.

Our Services

Whether arising from childhood, a critical event, organizational chronic stress, or societal injustices such as racism and oppression, CTRC understands the universal impact of adversity.

our approach

Applying creative resources and strategies, CTRC engages with individuals and organizations to embed and embody the science of trauma resilience into their individual and collective practice. In this way, relationships between people as well as cultures of organizations can heal and evolve into healthier and safer rhythms of association.

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CTRC partnerships include early engagement and on-going engagement throughout the implementation of trauma-informed care with a focus on transformational leadership, learning opportunities, and capacity building.




CTRC works alongside partners to  consistently embed and implement CTRC practices throughout the organization, creating a climate of healing for clients, staff, leaders, and the organization itself.


 The further deepening and rooting of TRC so that the organizational embodiment of the trauma-responsive commitments, tools, and practices endures.


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