Co-Founder, Faculty, & Senior Director of Training and Faculty Development

Beatriz Vides

Beatriz Vides shares the story of resilience and survival with the many children and families she has worked with throughout her career. She was a child during the civil war in El Salvador before moving to the United States, giving her a distinct and personal understanding of the effects of trauma.

As a faculty member for the Sanctuary Institute in Yonkers, NY, Beatriz achieved prominence in adapting the theories of The Sanctuary Model® into daily practice in multiple settings. Her work in schools, residential programs, community-based programs, and hospitals has helped to create healing communities across the United States. Beatriz has worked as a consultant with Crossnore Communities for Children since 2014. She co-founded the Center for Trauma Resilient Communities, a program of Crossnore Communities for Children, in 2018.

Beatriz also has 30 years of experience working with children and families in New York City, as well as rural upstate New York, and around the country. She served as Director of Child Care Services for Astor Services for Children. Her work has also taken her to Nepal and South Africa. Beatriz is a sought-after trainer who uses experiential methods and creativity to create a learning community and she has helped create trauma-informed schools in New York State, New York City, and North Carolina.

Beatriz earned her B.A. from Hunter College and SUNY Albany and has completed additional graduate studies at SUNY Albany. She is active in rescuing abused and neglected animals.

headshot of Beatriz Vides