Winston-Salem, NC


Winston-Salem, NC

CTRC has been actively engaging cohorts of leaders within the city of Winston-Salem to embody and embed trauma-resilience. Beginning in January 2020, partners in Winston-Salem, NC began working towards the goal of creating a movement to build and sustain trauma-resilient communities.

Starting with an initial collaboration of a handful of organizations, the movement has grown to embrace hundreds in the community representing over 35 organizations. There are more than 40 community members who have gone even further with their TRC embedding practices and have become champions of change within the city of Winston-Salem. In addition, the Winston-Salem Forsyth County school district has joined in these efforts  and is becoming a trauma-resilient educational system, benefitting not just its students but its teachers and staff as well.

Systems change collaboration leader, The Forsyth Promise, has endorsed CTRC and embraced the values and language of trauma-resilient communities and is making sure every child in Forsyth County has a chance to thrive. The city of Winston-Salem is healing together.

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